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A small group of folks that tried to help their children crack the Math problems came together to form The essence of today remains pretty much the same - to share some useful tips and recommendations that have helped the members along the Math progression of their kids. The family is growing and hence they needed a structure and hence the LLC was formed.

Of course we are not a Non Profit. We need to cover our basic running expenses to continue serving folks like You.

We sell both services and informational as well real products on our web site. The services are typically online help of Math queries of middle and high school students. The informational products are typically courses that you will follow from your computers. The Real products are of course those products that you can touch and feel and will be mailed to your address. All are geared towards Math knowledge enhancement of the students.

We are not the Walmart store for online deals. Thats why the number of products you see on our site isnt a big number. We usually are cheap, but may not be at times. The real deal is the unique research our research team puts in identifying the coolest of the products in alignment with peoples’ behavioral patterns and then having a product ready to satisfy that need.

An online informational and products Company Should be Honest, Fair, and Easy to Deal With.

Honesty: Transparency is a big deal with MATHMAGNET.COM. You talk to a real person for any question that you may have. We return calls and emails within a very short time. Our courses are taken by experts in their respective industries . With regard to the physical products that we sell, Ebay and Amazon have a bunch of cheap deals going all the time but it is highly unlikely you will know whom you are dealing with. It may work most of the time – but until you got the product in hand, you are not sure.

Support us and work with us - We need you to create success stories and reach out to more people in need of help in Math. Most of our clients love to come back and buy from us - of course they all are on subscription model. Why would they stay with us if we are not delivering value? We put all sincerity in our research and are consumers of our own products and courses before putting it up for display to the larger world

Fairness: All our services and products carry a 30 day 100% guarantee – the 30 day count starts the day you subscribe into our system or the day the product gets downloaded on your laptop or when it reaches your door step. If you decide you don’t like your informational or real product. Or, it’s not the right style. Or size. Or whatever. Return it. We can exchange it for another. Or will give you all your money back + some of ours. Why? Because it’s fair.

Easy to deal with: We have tried to make the Purchase experience as detailed and as easy can it be

We will be honored if you consider us the first choice when you are seeking out for help with your Math queries 🙂